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  • SEC Contracts for LV Cables, MV Cables and Soft Drawn Bare Copper Conductor.
  • Mataf Project for Makkah Holy Mosque , General Organization for Two Holy Mosques
  • Maintenance and Potential Projects Aramco Contract Number 6600039920 , ARAMCO
  • KAP2 , King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz Project for Development of Security Facilities For MOI
  • South Border Housing Project , Infrastructure & Buildings , MOI
  • King Salman Park
  • Al Shareq Gate Housing Project , Infrastructure
  • Future Gate Housing Project , Infrastructure
  • Rabwa Urban Scheme Project / AWJ Holding Company , Infrastructure
  • Waheet Al Dammam Housing Project.
  • Support Building Project , Ministry of Defense
  • Infrastructure of The Training Center in Wadi Al Dawasir , Ministry of Defense
  • King Abdullah Economic City
  • Upgrade and Lighting for By Pass Road , Royal Commission (Yanbu)
  • Construction of Infrastructure for Haii Al Nawa Camp-3 , Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu
  • Construction of Primary Boys School in Haii Faisal 2 , Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu
  • Construction of Primary Girls School in Haii Al Mesharfee 1 , Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu
  • Construction of Royal Commission Public Housing , Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu
  • Construction of Road 3 between Road 4 & Road 12 , Royal Commission (Jazan)
  • Al Mashrqiah Project , Ministry of Housing
  • Zoalfi Housing Project , Ministry of Housing
  • Al Qasim Complex , National Guard
  • Tanks and drinking water feeding network in the schemes of Batha Quraish and Al-Awali in Makkah Al-Mukarramah , NWC
  • Al Imam Mohamed Ibn Saud Islamic University
  • College of Arts & Sciences , Toreef University , Ministry of higher education
  • Hail mall ( in Hail university) , University Higher Education Fund
  • UES/V1 , National Information Center
  • King Abdulla Civic Centre
  • Project of equipping and cultivating fields in Riyadh, Riyadh Municipality.
  • Street lighting in popular neighborhoods in Riyadh , Riyadh Municipality
  • Construction of Tunnel, Intersection of Madina Road with Prince Mohammed Road , Jeddah Municipality
  • 4th Ring Road Project , Makkah Municipality
  • Streets & Districts Lighting as below
  1. Jeddah Municipality
  2. Dammam Municipality
  3. Makkah Municipality
  4. Dammam Municipality
  5. Madinah Municipality
  6. Assir Municipality
  7. Qassem Municipality
  8. Taif Municipality

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