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Red Sea Cable Company (RESCAB) was established as a closed joint stock company in 2008 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has a capital of 148 million SAR.RESCAB is a member of Al-Abdullatif group of companies. Al-Abdullatif Group Holding Company and Al-Abdullatif Industrial Investment Company constitute as majority shareholders of RESCAB.

RESCAB manufactures and sells power cables and wires of all types and sizes and caters to the growing demand of the local market, as well as exports to other markets especially in neighboring countries.

RESCAB plant is located in Yanbu city in the Industrial Area of the Royal Comission of Jubail and Yanbu. The 100,000-square-meter plant is built with state-of-the-art international technology and is based on best European know-how in the field of wire and cable production conforming to the international standards to manufacture products of highest quality.

RESCAB offers its products to various sectors like power, oil & gas, infrastructure, utilities, industries and residential sectors. The company is technically well equipped to adapt to special requirements in line with progress in the field of wire and cable manufacturing technologies.

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